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Professional Services

OneKeyCloud DevOps
You can count on the experts of the OneKeyCloud DevOps Team to bring order to development, deployment, and monitoring in the cloud. In their hands, the DevOps software suite maintains a stable resource environment for your development, operations, and IT teams, allowing your application to move quickly through its lifecycle.
We offer the following services:

  • Secure DevOps
    Only our IT security team can adjust network connectivity, VLAN and firewall. We provide all vital connectivity security reviews during project development.

  • Speedy pipeline from development to release
    By automating your development pipeline, we shorten the time needed to move your project from idea to development, testing and production. 

  • Automation services 
    DevOps automated procedures ensure stability at every step in the application pipeline by automating the following processes:
    • build
    • test
    • release to your platform of choice 
    • management, support and continuous monitoring of all your environments
    • scaling the cloud environment based on optimal  performance metrics

  • Integration
    Our DevOps suite assures a resilient and stable cloud environment for all digital stakeholders in your company by continuously integrating necessary hardware and software without downtime. 

  • Continuous product deployment
    Your product changes are ready and releasable at any time, allowing new features to quickly reach your users and clients. 

  • Provisioning servers
    Based on performance metrics, the DevOps suite automatically provisions server instances - maximizing performance and resource utilization for your project.  

  • Application and database infrastructure 
    Database infrastructure is streamlined to reduce the total number of physical servers.
Contact us at Staff@OneKeyCloud.com to discuss how to automate your entire application environment.