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OneKeyCloud Datacenter Services

OneKeyCloud Datacenter Services

OneKeyCloud provides premier data services that support the growing business. By offering systems and support that keep your data safe and secure, we will free you up to concentrate on what matters most - expanding your enterprise. 

Among the Datacenter Services we offer are the following:
  • System integration 
  • Software defined networks
  • Virtualization
  • Expansion and bridging 
  • Big data analytics 
  • Customized system design

By using OneKeyCloud's  Datacenter with its redundant systems and 100% uptime, you will receive secure premier data services without spending one cent on capital investment.  

OneKeyCloud constantly monitors your critical applications and services on our infrastructure - while keeping your data safe and secure. Cyber security is our highest priority, and our team includes some of the world's top experts. 

System integration

Would you like to avoid the open-ended trauma and downtime caused by  installing and stabilizing system-level components?  OneKeyCloud technicians will seamlessly add hardware components and software applications as needed. We can help to combine your current systems with most technology and open communication protocols. 

Our datacenter systems integration service offers a turnkey solution combining servers, shared-storage and network devices in a pre-integrated stack tailored for your business operation. 

Software defined networks

Our SDN or software defined network architecture is agile, centrally managed and configured by our OneKeyCloud network managers using well-tested automation software.  
Using specialized cloud software to power your company's networking activities, OneKeyCloud links together storage hardware so that it can be accessed as one giant virtual pool of resources. Our SDN platform integrates with multiple applications, platforms, tools, and hardware to increase the asset utilization and efficiency of your system while focusing on improving security.


OneKeyCloud's Virtualization Service provides higher server utilization by pooling common infrastructure resources, reducing the number of servers and related IT hardware, and lowering the time IT administrators spend on configuration, monitoring, and maintenance.  Security remains the primary focus.

Expansion and bridging

OneKeyCloud's expansion and bridging services reduce the failure points where networks are connected - lowering the cost of adapters and cables.

Big data analytics as a service

OneKeyCloud's Big Data Analytics as a Service harnesses the power of big data analytics to drive your business value.  Our Data Analytics Team is expert at crunching exponentially growing data to yield insights into what you need to grow your vertical market.

Customized system design

OneKeyCloud will design a datacenter solution that meets your business needs. Working with you to understand your business requirements, we will help design a solution that enables your systems to grow with no capital investment. 

We offer the following cloud-tailored solutions:
  • Turnkey or custom co-location services
  • Web hosting
  • Managed hosting
  • Private, public and hybrid clouds
  • Disaster recovery 
  • Data storage
  • Application and data security

OneKeyCloud's technology experts will work with you on a thorough assessment of your technology requirements.  With your assistance, we will design a secure cloud-based system that meets your network and storage needs. Contact us at Staff@OneKeyCloud.com to discuss designing the best custom solution for your company.