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Cloud Migration Application

Cloud Migration Application

OneKeyCloud's cloud technology allows you to safely and securely access your business documents and data from anywhere, anytime...using any device. With only 5 clicks, you can migrate to Cloud and create Cloud servers, and because our virtual servers are scalable, you can deploy extra servers when you need them.

We offer all three categories of cloud computing services:

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): a proven model for running applications
    OneKeyCloud maintains the hardware infrastructure and software for you.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): virtualized computing resources over the Internet
    OneKeyCloud maintains the underlying cloud infrastructure, but your technical staff has control over fundamental computing resources like processing, operating systems, storage volumes, images, deployed applications and select networking components (e.g. host firewalls).
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): a software distribution model
    The applications you use will be hosted by OneKeyCloud or by your vendor over the Internet.

Our cloud offerings include the following capabilities:

  • On-premise or off-premise private cloud
    Store and back-up your business documents and data on either your premises or an off-site private cloud. You'll receive constant, uninterrupted monitoring, protection and support against hackers, viruses, and natural disasters.
  • Cloud assessment and advisory
    OneKeyCloud helps you transition to the Cloud by guiding you through a step-by-step process. A clear vision and strategy- with comprehensive assessment, roadmap, operational guide and security strategy document- ensure that workloads are safely deployed to the Cloud.
  • Cloud application design and development
    Our cloud-based software applications keep your business operating seamlessly. We design and deploy public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure, providing all the maintenance while you enjoy the efficiency. You receive cloud-enabled applications, cloud migration and data security as you need them, without worrying about upgrades, installations and maintenance.
  • Cloud migration to the provider of your choice
    OneKeyCloud helps you migrate all of your data and applications to the cloud of your choice- including OneKeyCloud. Identifying key challenges and risks, our migration service covers any network capabilities needed between your site and the cloud provider. OneKeyCloud provides detailed plans to streamline migration without impacting your daily operations and trains your team to carry on after the cloud migration is complete.

Contact us at Staff@OneKeyCloud.com to discuss the best cloud solution for your company.