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About OneKeyCloud

Our Company

Founded in 2015, OneKeyCloud offers cloud platform software and security for small and medium-sized businesses to migrate and host their data on the cloud. We provide businesses an extensive menu of IT services, technical expertise, and data analytics. Using our own secure cloud-based servers, we bundle high-end professional products and services to meet the individual needs of each client. By utilizing our assistance, the client may no longer need to maintain a separate IT department. Our interdisciplinary team has strong technical and business expertise offering superior IT solutions. The OneKeyCloud family has collectively more than one hundred years of industry experience. OneKeyCloud is based in the Silicon Valley and Denver, CO.

Our products and services

OneKeyCloud proprietary application allows clients to migrate to Cloud and create Cloud servers with only 5 clicks. With its skilled team, OneKeyCloud tailors a proprietary solution for each and every client. Our bundled IT services provide a strong foundation for a wide range of small business requirements - from management & operations to research & development to production & release. We focus on the security and privacy of data and incorporate only the newest, best-in-class, and proven IT technologies at a small-business cost.

STAR - Our unique Startup Technical Assistance Resources

OneKeyCloud is proud to offer the STAR program to jumpstart your startup company. Using our practical and technical assistance, your ideas will be transformed into reality.